Keep valuables safe on your keychain

Perhaps your pockets might be the easiest place to store cash and other loose objects. But unless you're a big fan of cargo pants, keeping your personal items, especially little ones, organized without some kind of bag is a tough task. This Key Safe keeps important odds-and-ends separate from lint and wadded-up receipts.

With its screw-top design, you can get quick access to paper bills, valet tickets, medication, and whatever other small items you want to put in there. It's totally waterproof too, so you don't have to worry about anything getting ruined in the rain (other than your phone and your clothes). Made of sand-blasted stainless steel, this pocket-sized vessel will likely outlive you.

This minimalist container is also perfect protection from pickpockets while traveling. Get the Key Safe here for 10% off—just $17.95.