EPA-hating EPA chairman Scott Pruitt wants to spend millions on 24/7 bodyguards

Before being put in charge of the Environmental Protection Agency, climate-denier Scott Pruitt sued the agency more than a dozen times. This has made him rather unpopular.

So Pruitt says he needs a 24/7 security detail — in the words of Trump EPA transition team leader Myron Ebell, Pruitt needs protection from "his own employees and the left." Pruitt, who plans to eliminate a program that protects children from lead paint, wants to hire ten additional bodyguards.

He's not alone: his fellow henhouse fox, education-hating Education Secretary Betsy DeVos (heiress and Ponzi billionaire, sister to notorious war criminal Eric Prince) has already spent $8m on Secret Service agents to guard her from the people who hate and fear her.

EPA staff have reportedly been anticipating the security bulk-up for some time. In an email obtained by E&ENews, EPA's criminal enforcement office chief emailed staff shortly before Pruitt's mid-February confirmation to warn them of the change: "Based on conversations with the transition team, we anticipate that Mr. Pruitt will initially request a 24/7 detail."

Scott Pruitt Requests Funds For a 24/7 Fleet of Bodyguards
[Zoë Schlanger/Quartz]

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(Image: Gage Skidmore, CC-BY-SA)