Your iPhone looks and acts an awful lot like a PSP with this gaming controller

Touchscreen games are perfectly fine when you're on the toilet, but if you want to really unlock the gaming capabilities of your iPhone, you need a little something extra.

The Gamevice is a plug-and-play MFI-certified controller grip that attaches to your phone and gives you access to a huge library of popular games that you need a controller to play.

Since Apple's MFi program opened up controller support for iDevices, full console ports and games that are best played with physical controls have heavily populated the App Store. Gamevice is right up there with the best offerings available, earning top reviews from WiredPocket Gamer, and Stuff Magazine.

The Gamevice gives your iPhone a pair of joysticks, a d-pad, ABXY buttons, and shoulder triggers. This opens up tons of playability in first-person shooters, sports, and other fast, complex 3D games. It's large enough to fit around all currently-available iPhones, and likely to stay compatible for future models. It also conveniently lets you charge your phone while playing, offsetting the power drain that big games often cause.

Not sure what to play? Just browse the Gamevice app for a handy directory of controller-friendly titles, including MinecraftNBA 2K17, Bully, and hundreds of others. This deal from the Boing Boing Store also includes a $10 iTunes gift card to offset some of those additional fees.

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