Spy on your pets so hackers can spy on you!

They probably just sleep a lot. But still, you can remotely keep an eye on them when you're at work and missing them deeply with this HD monitor from Kodak.

If you have a new puppy that destroys everything in sight, or you just want to be a little more security-conscious, this WiFi camera is a great way to stay connected. It streams live HD video to your smartphone, and stores up to a day of footage in the cloud for free.

The camera's smart software learns from false alarms, and it even compiles a pet highlight reel from the daily footage so you can gush over how much cuter your pets are than everyone else's pets. And in the case of emergencies (or bad pup behavior), the monitor provides two-way audio communication so you can get everything sorted out from wherever you are.

Additionally, this security camera extends the range of your home wireless network with a built-in WiFi repeater. You can grab this Kodak HD WiFi Pet Monitor in the Boing Boing Store for $72.99.

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