Cut the email spam with a lifetime subscription to Throttle Pro

You probably get too much email. And it's not because your spam filter isn't working. Every digital receipt you get, and each online service you use automatically puts you on any number of mailing lists. Throttle Pro lets you avoid hunting around for those minuscule unsubscribe links by preventing services from ever collecting your contact info in the first place.

With Throttle Pro, you can create unlimited dummy email addresses to give to forms and keep marketing emails away from your primary inbox. You can still browse through all the newsletters, product updates, and social media notifications in their browser extension, and it combines multiple messages into manageable digests. If you get tired of anything you've willingly signed up for, you can revoke access instantly with a single click.

Throttle also syncs across all of your devices, so you can manage everything away from your desktop. To take back control of your email, get a lifetime subscription to Throttle Pro from the Boing Boing Store.