Save some water, the Guzzle Buddy attaches right to your bottle of wine

It’s not weird to drink milk or orange juice straight from the carton. (Right?) But for some reason, sipping wine right from the bottle is usually met with disapproving glowers. Whether they’re worried about germs, or wanton displays of low-class behavior, you can make those who aren’t attuned to your relative brand of etiquette a bit more comfortable with the Guzzle Buddy.

This wine bottle attachment adds a stemless glass to any bottle, letting you sample your beverage in casual style. Although it won’t prevent against the inevitable backwash, the Guzzle Buddy makes it easy to share your drink so you won't have to waste water washing a whole bunch of glasses.

It fits on most beer, soda, and cider vessels as well, so you don't have to feel left out if wine isn't your thing. Pick up the Guzzle Buddy here for $19.99.