Minimalist tattoos drawn with one continuous line

Berlin-based artist Mo Ganji creates deceptively simple tattoos using a continuous line.

In an interview with Art Jobs, he said:

The single line is a result of countless nights of drawing. It was more of a desperate attempt to get things done rather than something I had in mind.

I would doodle till around 2 am in the morning because I had an appointment the next day. The customer wanted a tree headed dear. I presented my final design the next day but he was more interested in the single line doodle in my folder. He told me he preferred the doodle to the finished design. He came back with some friends who wanted a single line as well. This was all back in October 2014 and a lot has happened since then and what started as a doodle, became my way of interpreting things.

I worked day and night developing a signature style that would stand out in the creative jungle, something that would give me a fixed reference as an artist or a person.

"I believe in the power of reduction. It is something that I appreciate in life as well. The less you need, the more you appreciate the things you have. This is what you see in my images."

Granted, they have a signature three-dot pattern and occasionally some stippling, but his overall style is consistently striking.

Lots more on his website and Instagram.

Master in the art of simplicity (Art Jobs) Thanks, Kelly!