The tattoo aftercare kit good for my whole arm

This Billy Jealousy Marked IV Life tattoo aftercare kit helps me heal up quick.

I have a number of tattoos. I got the first when I was very young, and I think aftercare was some 'romantic' notion of Jack Daniels and some diaper care creme. I then stopped getting more tattoos because I realized that art required I find a real artist. Took me a long time.

I will spare you photos of my tattoos, and me the shitty things that the nasty .001% of our readers will say.

It took a long time to find an artist whose work I love and has a personality where we enjoy chatting for hours while he draws on me with an uncomfortable pencil. The work is fantastic, I love it, and I wanted the art to look as good as it can for as long as it can! Part of undertaking this project 'so late in life' is because the tattoos will now have a lot less time to deteriorate...

Aftercare is a big deal in healing your tattoo up well and making sure it looks good for a long time. My artist recommended some very common, but very heavy salves and lotions. After a day I broke into some pimples and pores were clogging. I was worried I'd damage the new tattoo.

A friend knows just how few 'beauty care' products I keep around: zero. She saw my arm and immediately took pity and brought over this kit of stuff. I had never heard of 'Billy Jealousy" before, but I am told they are a wonderful line of Man-Focused beauty aids. Read the rest

From Bears Ears in Utah, a 2,000-year-old tattooing tool is rediscovered

In the same week that Democrats announce they'll hold hearings to probe why Trump's Interior Department shrank Bears Ears National Monument by 85%, the internet is abuzz with this image. Archaeologists have identified this artifact as a 2000-year-old tattooing instrument, unearthed from Bears Ears in Utah.

New findings published in the Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports this week show that this tool, found at the ancient Native American site, is a tattoo needle fashioned from cactus spines that was created between years 137–215 CE.

The findings reveal new information about how body adornment and tattooing were practiced among indigenous people in this region. Read the rest

Shoulder tattoo of wrong Mars rover

Someone took the awesome last words of Mars Opportunity and got a tattoo of Mars Curiosity. Twitter was not kind.

Keep it clean and out of the sun! Read the rest

Beautiful insect tattoo can spread its wings

Brazilian tattoo studio Menace Tattoo shared this cool design of a week-old tattoo inspired by the work of Veks Van Hillik. Watch as artist Silvia Martins opens the wings of her new tattoo: Read the rest

Tattoo artists share their craziest client stories

Of all the service industries, tattooing naturally seems like a good one for crazy client stories, but some of these doozies would make even the most jaded inkslinger raise their eyebrows. Read the rest

Watch these fluorescent tattoos sparkle under UV light

Tukoi is a Melbourne-based tattoo artist who specializes in fluorescent tattoos. Read the rest

Beautiful circular tattoos

Eva Krbdk of New York's Bang Bang Tattoo specializes in circular tattoos on a wide range of thought-provoking and whimsical themes. Read the rest

These striking blackwork tattoos look like circuit boards

Georgie Williams creates cybernetic-inspired tattoos. She's currently doing bookings on the west coast, but she's soon heading out to Oceania next month. Read the rest

Impressive photorealistic tattoos

Belgian tattoo artist Inal Bersekov does highly-detailed work that recreates famous moments from history and movies. Read the rest

Unfortunate tattoos: Kevin Spacey edition

Someone should get a large tattoo that says "Don't get tattoos of living celebrities unless you have the money for a cover-up." Behold, a gallery of suddenly recontextualized ink: Read the rest

Trucker gets tattoo of himself driving his own body

Tattoo artist: What you want? Trucker: Combine my love of trucking and Cartesian mind-body dualism. Tattoo artist: Say no more. Read the rest

Minimalist tattoos drawn with one continuous line

Berlin-based artist Mo Ganji creates deceptively simple tattoos using a continuous line. Read the rest

Watch traditional Cook Islands tattooing techniques

Croc Coulter works with an apprentice to revive the lost art of tātatau, traditional tattooing done with sticks and bone. So that's how they made such straight lines in geometric tattoos! Read the rest

Infrared cameras reveal tattoo-covered mummy priestess

Archaeologist Cédric Gobeil discusses how he used modern imaging technology to find dozens of animals tattooed on the mummy of an Egyptian woman, probably a priestess of Hathor. She also had a hieroglyphic neck tattoo that is pretty creepy-looking 3,300 years later. Read the rest

Watch a woman get 11 tattoos representing American tattoo history

Tattoo artist Clae Welch gives Casey Lubin eleven tattoos, in the styles of representative American tattoo artists from each decade in the last century. (WatchCut Video)

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Fantastic fix of crappy Pikachu tattoo

Brilliant work by Lindsay Baker of NiteOwl Tattoo in Northmapton, Mass. (@lindsaybugbaker on Instagram) Read the rest

Slow-motion tattoo

Tattooing in slow motion by GueT.(via Wired)

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