Penn State's Joe Paterno would have gone to prison

Three surviving Penn State administrators involved in the cover-up of convicted sexual predator Jerry Sandusky will now be convicted felons themselves.

Joe Paterno, Penn State's revered football coach, would most certainly have shared the minimum 1-year sentence in jail.

Sadly, Mr. Paterno has passed away of lung cancer.

The presiding Judge was extremely clear about Paterno's culpability.

From ESPN:

"Why Mr. Sandusky was allowed to continue to the Penn State facilities is beyond me," Judge John Boccabella said. "All three ignored the opportunity to put an end to [Sandusky's] crimes when they had a chance to do so."

Boccabella also criticized the actions of former football coach Joe Paterno, who like the other administrators failed to alert child welfare authorities or police to the 2001 complaint.

Paterno "could have made that phone call without so much as getting his hands dirty. Why he didn't is beyond me," Boccabella said.