37 different sensor and effectors for Arduino $(removed)

My daughter and I have set up a small maker space in our house and we are stocking it with components. Our latest acquisition: this 37-piece Arduino sensor and effector kit. It's a great deal at $(removed)

Here's what's inside:

Joystick Module

Relay Module

Rotary Encoder Module

DS-3231 RTC Module

Ultrasonic Sensor Module

HC-SR501 PIR sensor Module

Flame Sensor Module

Linear Hall Module

Metal Touch Module

Digital Temperature Module

Big Sound Module

Small Sound Module

RGB LED Module

SMD RGB Module

Two-tone Color Module

7 Color Flash Module

Laser Emit Module

Shack Module

IR Receiver Module

IR Emission Module

Tilt Switch Module

Button Module

Active Buzzer Module

Passive Buzzer Module

18B20 temp Module

Photo-resistor Module

Temperature and Humidity Module

GY-521 Module

Photo-interrupter Module

Tap Module

Membrane Switch Module

Avoidance Module

Tracking Module

Magnetic Spring Module

Water Lever Sensor

Power Supply Module

LCD1602 Module (with pin header)