3D-printed garment with motion-detecting LED lighting

Benhaz Farahi continues to experient at the intersection of technology and fashion, this time with Bodyscape, a sculpted form that's underlit with LEDs. As the wearer moves, the lights shift around the garment.

She writes:

Bodyscape is an interactive 3D printed fashion item inspired by the behavior of the human body. Its design is based on the Langer lines of the human skin – lines of least tension that are used by surgeons in operations. As the user moves and gyrates her body it also lights up with LED lighting controlled by a gyroscope that tracks her movements. Bodyscape is not only a technologically advanced fashion item produced using the latest 3D printing technology, but it also raises fashion to a new level, as the poetic dance of light and human movement.

Bonus video: Caress of the Gaze, a piece that changes shape by tracking the eye movements of a person looking at the wearer.

Bodyscape (Vimeo / Behnaz Farahi)