LED lighting for your tent

These easy to hang LED lanterns are great camping, working under a car, or really anyplace that is dark!

Invariably I am searching my tent or van for some small item I critically need, but can not find in the dark. These hanging lanterns make it easy for me to just turn on a light and find what I need.

Solidly made, I take one camping wherever I go and have put the spare in my emergency bug out bag.

2 Pack E-TRENDS Portable LED Lantern Tent Light Bulb for Camping Hiking Fishing Emergency Light via Amazon Read the rest

3D-printed garment with motion-detecting LED lighting

Benhaz Farahi continues to experient at the intersection of technology and fashion, this time with Bodyscape, a sculpted form that's underlit with LEDs. As the wearer moves, the lights shift around the garment. Read the rest

LED eyelashes coming to a dance floor near you

Hackster.io went to the Maker Faire in the East Bay, where they found Tien Pham sporting his latest creation: F.Lashes, interactive LED false eyelashes. Read the rest

DIY concrete lamps with LED string lights

Here's an inexpensive little project that's pretty easy and looks cool: LED-filled glass lights with concrete bases. Glen at DIY Creators takes you through the process. Read the rest

Bright lights, big drones: new frontiers in night-lit aerial filming

The state of the art for drone-based lighting options continues to improve rapidly. Check out some of the great footage rctestflight got with a drone-mounted 1000-watt LED light bar. Read the rest

Watch this hypnotic soft mesh LED display


Alex Xiao's video of a flexible jellyfish-inspired LED configuration hints at the artistic possibilities for these programmable displays. Read the rest

$4 LED bulbs to replace my dead incandescents

I've been waiting to switch to LED bulbs but didn't want to pay $10-20 a bulb. These are reasonably priced, and look like a normal bulb.

I hate changing bulbs and try to wait until a majority of mine are out before swapping them. The theory is that they'll all go out around the same time and I can just spend an afternoon replacing them all. In practice I spend months stumbling around the most important parts of the house to light, waiting for bulbs I never use to burn out. Not this time! After a mere 3-4 months of waiting I decided to jump the gun, buy a bunch of LED bulbs and get to swapping. Hopefully, when these bulbs start to go, in 20 or so years, I'll have forgotten this silly system.

These TCP bulbs are a great deal. At mere $4 a bulb, compared to the $10-20 I was seeing just a few months ago, they look like a normal bulb. For most lamps and lights in my home, I like these 60W equivalents, and I find the 2700K soft white bulbs perfect for my home. The light is very much like an incandescent and comes with none of the CFL problems. LEDs are warm instantly, do not flicker and appear to throw the color light they advertise. The few CFLs left in my home will likely find themselves replaced shortly.

If you've been waiting for LED replacement bulbs to come down in price, perhaps these will do. Read the rest

DIY Underlit LED Skirt

Imgur user SexyCyborg makes lots of cool fashion using open source hardware, like this underlit LED skirt. She published a very detailed HOWTO create your own based on her trial and error. Read the rest

WATCH: make light cubes and other cool stuff with tiny LED filaments

Mike Harrison has been experimenting with tiny flexible LED filaments found in LED bulbs that mimic incandescent bulbs. He came up with this cool light cube and a very bright clock display. Read the rest

WATCH: Choreographed LED hula hooping

Viennese artists Annika Hakala and Lisa Looping of HoopioSis perform mesmerizing choreography using LED hula hoops. Be sure to watch in HD. Read the rest

Beautiful long-exposure shots of LED-equipped athletes

Ontario-based photographer Stephen Orlando of MotionExposure.com creates languid nighttime shots of athletes in motion with LED lights attached to their gear or bodies. The result is ghostly, mathematical, and mesmerizing. Read the rest

WATCH: Glowy Zoey's 2014 LED costume is Minnie Mouse

Royce Hutain of GlowyZoey.com returns after last year's hit costume for daughter Zoey. This year's rainbow LED and Velcro homage to Minnie Mouse includes instructions on making your own. Read the rest

The LED light bulb you've been waiting for

Briam Lam figured out the best LED lightbulb, and explains why it will eventually pay for itself: "They'll last 15-25 years compared to about a year for regular bulbs [and] 1/5th of the power ... so they can eventually save you hundreds of dollars." [Wirecutter] Read the rest

Bulbdial: a clock whose "hands" are shadows cast by LEDs

David sez,

"Almost two years ago, I came up with a concept for a 'Bulbdial' clock. Instead of physical hands, it has three shadows cast by a series of rotating lights indicating hours, seconds, and minutes.

Nine months ago, Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories developed a working model using three rings of LEDs.

Now Bulbdial Clocks are available as a kit from EMSL. They did the hard work on this, coming up with a cool Mantel Clock implementation in various styles. You can get one at their site here."

A Bulbdial Clock

(Thanks, David)

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