Secret engagement ring box looks like a golden snitch

Freeman Design crafted this gorgeous necklace and pendant inspired by the golden snitch, a ball used in quidditch in the Harry Potter books. This video shows that it holds a secret engagement ring.

This is a piece that we had the joy to be commissioned to make recently. Made out of Sterling Silver, the Snitch inspired piece had an extra thick coating of 18ct Yellow Gold, with the wings likewise plated in an extra thick coating of Rhodium. Made to be a necklace pendant, we made an Nimbus 2000 inspired broomstick charm to accompany it that unbeknownst to everyone else, is the key to open it. The hinging and catch mechanism is concealed so that when shut, no one else can tell that it can it is actually meant to open, keeping the Engagement Ring a complete secret. Enjoy!

The vertical video might be forgiven, since it's their first upload.

Golden Snitch Inspired Secret Engagement Ring Box / Necklace (YouTube / Freeman Design)