Expand your skill sets with lifetime access to over 1,000 online courses

Entertaining bold changes in your career can feel like an abandonment of what you've worked for thus far, but this fallacious mindset can cost you a lot more in the long run than the time spent at your current gig. Change is constant, and building new skills outside of your typical wheelhouse will do much more to open up your future options than grinding through a job that you aren't excited about.

The Virtual Training Company offers an online course library for professional development in a wide array of fields. With over 1,000 courses, you can get expert training in everything from 3D animation to project management. With a lifetime subscription, you'll have unlimited access to everything in their current catalog, and can pursue a variety of topics for work or personal enjoyment all on your own time.

These courses are available on almost every mobile and desktop platform. You can get a lifetime subscription to Virtual Training Company in the Boing Boing Store for the one-time cost of $79.