Celebrate Independence Day with MC Frontalot's nerdcore rap about free software vs open source

Animator Chad Essley writes, "The new MC Frontalot (previously) nerdcore video is out for the 4th of July! Celebrate our nation's hostility toward the British crown by listening to Front rap about internet arguments over Free Software!"

It's thematically related to the holiday, sort of, a little bit, yet largely free of the half-panicked political alarm-ringing that typifies our MC's rhetorical output lately. It's got something for everyone, and everything for nobody!

We must pause to thank a free software company, The OpenNMS Group, for commissioning this piece and making it available to the world. Show them some love.

The animated video is pretty great. Cameos include: Lawrence Lessig (who is name-dropped in the lyric), Snowden and Assange (who are not), our ghoulish current prez, some poor sap forced at gunpoint to recite the song's lyric on North Korean television, and a bird who looks borderline-infringingly similar to Drinky Crow! There are probably dozens of other little details and Easter Eggs in there, which you should definitely catalog while watching the clip over and over again.

Ever wanted to remix a Frontalot song? Well, in further thematic synergy, Freedom Feud's source tracks are now available under a Creative Commons license for your artistic experimentation and/or Hawt Jam Cookery. Grab the kit here. Free MP3/AAC/FLAC versions of the mastered song are available too.

Front's gonna see you at DEF-CON in Vegas this month. Then there are a couple more PAXes this year, on opposite sides of the earth. Front will rap at both of those. Will he figure out how to get on the road with Schaffer, Ran, and Lars in the fall? Stay tuned

Freedom Feud [MC Frontalot]