These multi-tools fit right in your wallet

Some people carry Swiss Army knives for their convenience and the solutions they offer to everyday problems. However, when you're doing that, you're still carrying a knife, and it's one extra thing to keep track of when you're going about your business. An alternative suggestion is these wallet sized multi-tools, available now in the Boing Boing Store.

The size of a credit card, one of these tools fits conveniently in your wallet, providing you with eleven simple tools on one durable stainless steel sheet. It can function as a can opener, knife, screwdriver, ruler, bottle opener, 2-position wrench, saw blade, 4-size wrench, directional auxiliary wrench, keychain hole, and a butterfly screw wrench. While you almost definitely will not need all of those tools on the same day, it doesn't hurt to have them.

You can get a two-pack of the multi-tools, plus protective cases for each, for $9.99 in the Boing Boing Store now.