This PC bundle features some top-rated apps to make you more productive

Even if you only use your PC for web browsing, media playback, or light document creation, default software can sometimes come up short. To give your Windows PC a bit of a boost, we've compiled a variety of helpful, paid apps that can enhance your user experience and make you more productive.

In the Premium PC Power Bundle, you get these three essential apps:

Netspot Pro

Netspot Pro is your best resource for optimizing your WiFi network. It's immensely helpful for troubleshooting your connection, but its mapping features are what really make it an essential. You can locate connectivity dead zones and determine the best places to put your wireless access points based on the layout of your home.

Glasswire Pro

With Glasswire Pro, you can closely monitor the network activity of up to three PCs. This centralized security system protects your computers from malicious hosts, and notifies you of unauthorized logins when you're away. It even keeps track of remote machines, so you can be sure that websites or game servers you control stay secure. It's such a comprehensive security solution, PCWorld gave it a rare 4.5/5 star rating.


You can't always trust your desktop to clean up after itself when it downloads updates and installs new software. CleanMyPC makes sure your computer isn't being slowed down by junk files or unnecessary autorun applications.

Beyond these headliners, the bundle also includes the following apps:

Zemana AntiMalware: A one-stop shop for preventing against malware, ransomware, and other browser junk

7 Speed Reading EX 2017: This TopTenReviews Gold and Excellence Award Winner can help you read up to 3.471 times faster

PaintShop Pro X9 for Windows: An image editor that's great for designing graphics and quickly annotating screenshots

Sticky Password Premium: You'll get three years of access to this secure password manager that syncs with both Android and iOS

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Home: Get back lost or deleted files and access the contents of corrupted disks

Android Data Recovery Pro for PC: Extract photos, contacts, and more from a dead Android device directly to your PC

Data Shredder 5 Professional for Windows: If you're selling an old computer, this app ensures that your data gets completely deleted beyond recovery by a new end user

All of these apps are included in the Premium PC Power Bundle, available now in the Boing Boing Store for $29.