Coming to Seattle: fact-checking workshop with legendary researcher Lisa Gold

Lisa Gold is the extraordinary researcher who is perhaps best know for her work with Neal Stephenson, particularly on the Baroque Trilogy.

On November 4, Gold will teach a "fact-checking" workshop in Seattle, on behalf of the Northwest Independent Editors Guild.

Join researcher Lisa Gold for a how-to workshop guiding you through the
steps of fact-checking—reading skeptically, asking questions, deciding what
to check, assessing the accuracy of different types of facts, finding and
evaluating sources, working with authors, and making corrections. Lisa will
answer questions and share tips, examples, and resources. This practical,
hands-on workshop will take us beyond the introduction to fact-checking
that Lisa gave at the November 2016 Northwest Independent Editors Guild

I'm teaching a fact-checking workshop in Seattle on November 4th
[Lisa Gold/Research Maven]