ZenMate is the perfect VPN for media streamers

Unless you’ve somehow found a way to live without the internet, or have completely eschewed social media, you should really be browsing with a VPN. Your browser traffic reveals tons of information about you — whether you give it up voluntarily in exchange for free services, or even just visit a site that has social sharing buttons. To help minimize your digital fingerprint and stop feeding data to marketing profiles and ISP traffic logs, ZenMate offers an all-in-one privacy solution.

This VPN gives you total anonymity online. All of your activity is encrypted and routed through servers in over 30 countries to make you impossible to track. It masks your IP address to keep your physical whereabouts hidden, and also to give you access to region-locked media. Their browser extension lets you easily switch proxy locations, so you can get all of your favorite international television streams, and even circumvent state-imposed censorship while traveling abroad.

A 2-year subscription to ZenMate is available in the Boing Boing Store for $89.99.