Here's 5 online courses to keep your skills relevant in the next decade

As more industries either embrace technology or become completely subsumed by it, digital literacy is increasingly critical for successful professional development. To help you explore the different types of skills needed to thrive in the growing tech landscape, we've collected five online course packages to help you thrive wherever you land:

The Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence Introductory Bundle

Deep Learning algorithms are capable of exploring and extracting meaningful information from complex data sets. It's the secret behind computer vision, voice recognition, and self-diving cars, and is poised to fundamentally change the way we interact with machines. To get in on the ground floor of this exciting subset of Artificial Intelligence, this bundle features five comprehensive courses. You'll learn basic Python programming to perform linear and logistic regression, and how to use advanced tools like Theano and TensorFlow. This course collection is available here for $39.

The Ultimate Learn to Code 2017 Bundle


The internet is the glue that holds everything together in our hyper-connected world, and learning how to make it work isn't easy. The Ultimate Learn to Code Bundle will give you a solid background in how to code for the web. In this extensive bundle, you'll get introduced to full-stack development by building rich front-end interfaces with HTML5 and Javascript, as well as back-end data storage and retrieval systems. It also features two full courses on native mobile app development using Apple's Xcode, and Xamarin for cross-platform releases. Get this collection for $49 here.

The Complete iOS 11 & Swift Developer Course: Build 20 Apps

The iPhone is one of most ubiquitous computing devices in the world, and knowing how to build applications for it will continue to be an invaluable asset. Fortunately, Apple provides iOS developers with high-quality tools, and the Complete iOS 11 & Swift Developer Course offers a deep dive into all things mobile. These lessons are taught by acclaimed instructor Rob Percival, and will help you master iOS by building 20 unique apps. You can pick up this course for $15 here.

Social Media Management Pro Bundle

If programming isn't in your wheelhouse, you can hone your social marketing faculties with the Social Media Management Pro Bundle. Throughout six sections, you'll discover how to navigate the advertising platforms on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Using Google Analytics and targeted email campaigns, you can build a self-sustaining online brand from the ground up. This training can be had for $34.

Graphic Design Certification School: Lifetime Subscription

Despite the so-called death of print media, the field of graphic design is still a flourishing outlet for creative professionals. You can refine your visual skills and harness the power of the Adobe Creative Cloud. In the Photoshop course, you'll get introduced a host of image manipulation and production techniques. Get a crash-course in print layout for posters and books in the InDesign section, and make infinitely scalable vector graphics using Illustrator. Grab access to the Graphic Design Certification School for $39.