This tool cleanly removes ticks from my dogs

Seems we always have tick season at Muir Beach. This Tick Twister yanks them without leaving bits behind!

Ticks carry all sorts of diseases, and in wet wooded environments, we get a lot of them. A LOT. I feed my dogs an ingested tick killer, but my Great Pyrenees Nemo is so large we have a hard time getting a dosage that lasts. Sometimes I find ticks on his face, clearly upsetting the guy who plays the Sundance Kid to my Butch Cassidy! Intolerable!

Tweezers tend to destroy our local ticks and leave bits in the wound, not so with the Tick Twister!

If you have a dog, or an outdoor cat, its a good idea to have a set of these around.

Tick Twister Tick Remover Set with Small and Large Tick Twister via Amazon