Nisus Writer Pro is a great alternative to Word for Mac users

If you write a lot — for a living or as a student — you don’t want your tools to get in the way of your flow. Most writing software usually falls into two camps: either they impose a rigidly fixed set of features, or embrace a kitchen-sink mentality with rows of formatting options à la Word. Nisus Writer Pro tries to strike a balance between minimalism and power with a fully customizable interface. Arrange your palettes in any way you like, add any menu item to your toolbar, and even create custom keyboard shortcuts without an external app. Anyone coming to Nisus from Microsoft can still open their old word documents, and all of your projects are saved in generic RTF for total cross-platform compatibility.

This word processor also integrates with macOS’ native autosaving and document versioning features, as well as iCloud for instant availability on all your devices. Nisus Writer Pro is available now for $39.