Cool crystalline ceramic mugs

Collin Lynch at Essarai Ceramics creates these delightfully pointy coffee mugs, teacups, and other tableware in his Albuquerque studio.

His Etsy page lays out his philosophy:

Through my work, I seek to unveil perfection through imperfection, which is where Truth lies. Nature, being the most delicate yet enduring example of this paradox, is where through the rough surfaces and shattered angles, we are reunited with ourselves.

Essarai Ceramics opens a door for the whimsy, wonder and curiosities of our childhood to reenter and reinspire, enriching our lives through reminders that decorate your home. Each piece is handcrafted with water, clay, hands and heart; each piece of wood, crystal or notch carved and strategically placed by Fate, where all things eventually fall into place.

What would be the best beverage to enjoy in these, though? Folger's instant crystals? Crystal Light?

Essarai Ceramics (via Colossal)