Pantone coffee mugs to match how you take it

Here's a little something for artsy wired types. Pantone has a number of colorful mugs, some of which may match how you take your favorite hot beverage. Note: they do not seem to have any dark enough for how many of our dear readers prefer. Read the rest

My favorite coffee mug depicts owls

I share with you my favorite coffee mug.

Years ago my mother gave me this lovely, lovely coffee mug depicting several owls.

I searched for another but misread the maker's mark as "Muana."

My mother has given me many owl shaped coffee mugs, and doesn't remember giving any specific mug, let alone where she bought it.

The maker's mark actually reads "Mara." Mara makes a whole line of animal-themed ceramic mugs.

Now I have a set of 4. I mismatched owls as I like the other styles too. All owls tho. Don't mess with other animals.

One (1) MARA STONEWARE COLLECTION - 12 Oz Coffee Cup Collectible Square Bottom Dinner Mugs - Night Owl via Amazon Read the rest

Cool crystalline ceramic mugs

Collin Lynch at Essarai Ceramics creates these delightfully pointy coffee mugs, teacups, and other tableware in his Albuquerque studio. Read the rest

Get Excited and Make Things: the mug edition

Matt Jones and McLaggan Smith Mugs are selling these wonderful "Get Excited and Make Things" mugs, with proceeds to a children's hospice near the McLaggan Smith factory in Scotland.

Get Excited & Make Mugs!

(via Warren Ellis)

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