Philippines legislature sets annual budget for the national Commission on Human Rights: $19.53

The Philippines is ruled by an admitted murderer, President Rodrigo Duterte (previously), whose death squads have operated with impunity since he took office last year (Trump loves him).

The Philippines House of Representatives shares the Duterte regime's contempt for due process and human rights; after a "heated debate," the House appropriated 1,000 pesos (USD19.53) for the country's national Commission on Human Rights' annual budget.

The House did not publish a roll of legislators who opposed the vote, but Rappler has produced an independent vote tally, using "an initial count by House plenary staff, and video footage from the voting itself."

The budget now goes to the Senate, who can revise the figure.

The CHR has been the focus of criticism, particularly from President Rodrigo Duterte, following its statements against the ongoing war on drugs.

The Commission has repeatedly expressed concern over deaths linked to the drug war, specifically those which they claim were unjustified. It is still reviewing cases of police kills and homicides with alleged links to the drug trade.

House budget debates: CHR gets only P1,000 for 2018
[Bea Cupin/Rappler]

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