Twitter users hunt down Seattle Nazi and knock him out

A Twitter user named @bigotbasher posted a photo of a man wearing a Nazi armband on a Seattle bus, who was reportedly "harassing a black man" and "screaming in peoples' faces." This set into motion a search to find the Nazi. Less than ninety minutes later he was located and knocked out.

Via Select All:

People were initially posting videos of the faces of everyone involved in the Seattle incident unblurred, potentially placing people into legal jeopardy. 4chan attempted to track down the guy who clocked Richard Spencer earlier this year (though the man they identified was, ultimately, an already-dead guy). And the horrible series of mistakes made by the amateur sleuths at Reddit after the Boston Bombing, where several innocent people were named as potential terrorists, should loom large in any discussion about broadcasting the face and location of an individual.

Twitter user @teethnclaws, when contacted over DM by Select All, says that using the internet like this is necessary. "[Fascists] already do this. The right has already murdered 27 people this year in the U.S., including one of my dear comrades. I've been stabbed twice by them in seven years," he wrote. "The right is already tracking us, killing us. This is why we organize in numbers, and why we wear those scary black masks. When we are identified, we can lose our lives. Nazis just lose their jobs. So, am I worried that fascists will use our tactics? Yes. Is that a good point? No. Tactics can be used by anyone."

Video keeps getting pulled by YouTube but NYPOst has it here.