American Neo-Nazi Leader found dead after trying to shut down Drag Queen Story Hour

On Sunday, June 19, a group of Neo-Nazis known as NSC-131 attempted to interrupt a Drag Queen Story Hour event at the Teatotaller, an LGBTQ+-friendly cafe in Concord, New Hampshire. The next day, Leo Anthony Cullinan, the President of the New Hampshire Chapter of NSC-131, was found dead at his home.

It's unknown if Cullinan was actually present at the Drag Queen Story Hour event, as the members of NSC-131 were all masked. While no information about his death has been released, local authorities have stated that there is no indication of suspicious activity. Any connection to the Drag Queen Story Hour event is purely coincidental.

Back in January, Cullinan was one of several NSC-131 members named in a Civil Rights violation for hanging a "Keep New England white" banner on state-owned property. The charges were initially dismissed earlier this month, though the state has an active motion in front of the judge to reconsider. From WGBH:

The civil complaint alleges that at least 10 members of the group from New Hampshire, Massachusetts and other New England states took part in the Civil Rights Act violation, and therefore the Nationalist Socialist Club "as an unincorporated association" can be liable for violating the Civil Rights Act. An unincorporated association, under the law, essentially means that the group operated as a team or, in the case of NSC-131, as a criminal gang, according to the New Hampshire Civil Rights DIvision of the Attorney General's Office.

Early this year, Cullinan was also arrested in an incident involving an allegedly hazardous material left at a federal court house. According to The Boston Globe, Cullinan was on probation following drug possession charges, and had also assaulted an officer at the correctional facility. He was also under criminal indictment, though it's not clear which case that's connected to. The Concord Monitor added that Cullinan had also been involved in an incident in May 2022 alongside Chris Hood, the national leader of NSC-131. The two men reportedly threatened and assaulted an individual in a parking lot whom they had accused of being a "member" of "Antifa."

Leader of New Hampshire neo-Nazi group NSC-131 dies a day after they disturbed Teatotaller's drag queen story hour [Jacqueline Cole / Concord Monitor]