Jared Kushner signed up to vote in New York elections as a woman

Jared Kushner's publicly available New York voter registration records show that the president's son-in-law ticked the "female" box when he signed up in 2009.

The Trump regime is obsessed with the discredited notion of widespread voter-fraud. The evidence they've shown for this alleged fraud largely consists of minor administrative errors, like people who register to vote in a new state without informing the old state that they've moved (other supposed problems are even more dubious, like two people with common names like "John Smith" who share a birth date being registered to vote in different places).

The significance of Kushner's paperwork mixup, then, is that it leaves the Republicans with a conundrum: either they insist that minor administrative errors on voter rolls are irrelevancies (making it harder to straight-facedly insist on voter suppression efforts disguised as efforts to root out fraud), or insist that even minor errors are major infractions (and then have to figure out what to do about Ms Kushner).

This past July, for instance, CBS reported that Jared had updated a disclosure form necessary to obtain security clearance no fewer than three separate times. Kushner originally filed the form on January 18 with zero names listed under a section that asked about foreign contacts. He later claimed his team had accidentally hit send before he had a chance to fully fill it in, though according to The Washington Post, the form also got the dates of his graduate degrees incorrect, and even omitted his father-in-law's address. He submitted a supplemental form acknowledging that the original form was incomplete the following day.

The second time Kushner attempted to fix his security clearance form, sometime in May, he added over 100 calls and meetings with foreign contacts. But soon after, it came to light that had attended a meeting with Donald Trump Jr. and Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya, who had allegedly offered damaging information about Hillary Clinton. Kushner submitted the security form a third time to include, as he put it, "the person who has since been identified as a Russian attorney," on June 21.


[Ashley Feinberg/Wired]

(Image: Lori Berkowitz Photography, CC-BY)