Jared Kushner signed up to vote in New York elections as a woman

Jared Kushner's publicly available New York voter registration records show that the president's son-in-law ticked the "female" box when he signed up in 2009. Read the rest

Ukrainian MPs caught illegally casting multiple votes in Parliament. Again.

Ukrainian anti-corruption group Chesno has uploaded videos showing five instances in which Ukrainian MPs illegally cast votes in parliament on behalf of their absent colleagues, bringing the total number of such incidents caught by Chesno (which has kept records since Dec 2014) up to 161. Read the rest

Trump's favorite voter fraud expert is registered to vote in three states

Gregg Phillips is the "expert" who told Donald Trump that there were 3 million fraudulent votes in the 2016 election; when reached by an AP reporter for comment on the fact that he is registered to vote in three states, Phillips grunted, "Why would I know or care?" Read the rest