Europeans: call your MEP and stop mandatory, net-wide copyright censorship bots

Ruth from Openmedia writes, "This Thursday legislators in the EU Parliament are voting on proposals in the EU for mass content filters, and restrictions on links, all in the name of 'updating copyright.

The draft law proposes requiring that all sites where users generate the content (Reddit, Tumblr, Github, Boing Boing itself etc) must build censorship algorithms that monitor and block your content, before publishing, if it looks like it infringes copyright. The plan also includes new powers for media giants to charge fees for linking to their content. This will have a devastating impact on access to information. These rules make open data impossible, add unnecessary costs to libraries, and charge researchers for using references.

Phone calls are the most effective method of getting attention from decision makers.

That's why we're asking you to call your MEP responsible for civil liberties to vote against these measures in a key vote this Thursday.

You can make a difference by calling your MEP and speak directly with your representatives who will be casting the key votes.

Tell your MEP: Stop Copyright Censorship