Frustrated woman wants to dig up her own grave to prove that she's still alive

53-year-old Juana Escudero heard that she had died seven years ago. Only she was still alive – obviously it was a different Juana Escuadero. Both lived in Spain and both shared the same birthday. She thought it was funny at first, until she soon realized that the government treated her as a dead person, meaning ordinary things were nearly impossible to do, like seeing a doctor, renewing her driver's license, receiving widow benefits, and anything else that goes through the government.

Escudero is so desperate to reclaim her life that she wants to take a DNA test and dig up her own grave to prove that she is not dead, but it's not going to be easy.

According to Oddity Central:

One of the strangest moments occurred last year, when Escudero called the Malaga City Council to ask about the confusion, only to hear that since the cemetery fee had not been paid, her remains had been removed from the grave and moved to an ossuary.

"That day, we called the Malaga City Council and they told us was that since my mother was buried there and we had not paid the fee, the tomb had been emptied after the legal period and the bones deposited in an ossuary," Marta, Escudero's daughter, said. "So what I had to tell them was difficult, because I had my mother in front me and I was talking to her."

To solve the problem, Juan Escudero has offered to have "her" remains in Malaga tested for DNA, to prove that it's not her. She has filed a petition towards this, but has yet to receive a response. Last year, when she visited the cemetery in Malaga, officials told her that "they have orders to do nothing about this case".

When it comes to paying her bills, however, she has miraculously risen from the dead – the banks have never stopped sending her bills for loans, mortgage, and life insurance payments. "On the government's computers I am dead, but for the banks I am alive and kicking."

Image: Eli Duke