Mighty is like a Spotify-powered iPod Shuffle


If you have fond memories of crafting MP3 playlists in the pre-streaming world, or just hate gumming up your $800 smartphone during workouts, Mighty is a clever reinvention of the dedicated audio player. First brought to life with over $300K in crowdfunding from Kickstarter, you can now pick up one of these music machines from the Boing Boing Store. You can even take advantage of an additional 10% in savings with code MIGHTY10

Instead of syncing files through a clumsy desktop interface (*cough*, iTunes), you use your iPhone or Android to wirelessly push Spotify playlists to Mighty. It downloads everything for offline playback, so you have nothing to worry about when you're out of LTE range. It's built with activity in mind — the integrated clip keeps it firmly attached to your clothes, it's water- and drop-resistant, and there's no display to break when it inevitably goes flying.

Mighty holds about 1,000 songs at a time, and supports multiple playlists. To help you navigate through your collection, it speaks playlist names out loud when you cycle through them. The Mighty On-The-Go Spotify Music Player is available here for $84.99.

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