Unsealed evidence: former Uber execs covered up evidence in stolen self-driving tech case

The court battle between Waymo and Uber took a revealing turn this week, after unsealed court documents exposed "damning evidence" of efforts to hide what is now obvious.

At this point it's not terribly surprising that the summary report of the investigation — apparently codenamed "Project Unicorn" by Stroz Friedberg — casts Levandowski and Uber's then-CEO Travis Kalanick in a particularly bad light. … The report describes, for instance, employees caught in lies in their interviews with Stroz investigators, an elaborate saga around the surreptitious destruction of five disks of confidential information belonging to Google, furtive text messages advising each other to delete message logs, and search engine queries regarding "how to secretly delete files mac" or "can a MacBook be recovered after formatting the OS."

Today's beautiful sunrise is tech executives thinking they can hide what they do by googling how to hide what they do.

On that note, it's always a surprise how computer-illiterate many successful "tech" executives are. They're representatives of something bigger than themselves, you might say, and their understanding is immaterial to their undertaking.