One Dutch couple's insanely racy wedding photos

In August, Dutch photographer Michel Klooster captured these unusual photos of a newlywed couple.

HuffPost reports:

For one image, the couple posed as if they were having sex in a maroon pickup truck.

Then they took another picture that can only be described as "blue." In the photo, the bride appears to be performing oral sex on her new hubby.

Klooster told HuffPost that the bride's mother suggested that photo to him.

"We were taking photos and she [told] me that they wanted that kind of picture, but the bride and groom didn't dare ask me," he said in a Facebook message. "Then I just said, 'Of course, we are gonna do it.' So I suggested where they need to stand for the right vibe!"

Did I mention they're NSFW?

While the wedding took place on August 17 in the Netherlands, the images were just shared October 2 on the photographer's Facebook page. Naturally, they went viral.

images by Michel Klooster