Study measuring IQ of various AI puts Google's at 47.28

Google's AI scored more than twice as high as Apple's Siri in a comparative analysis designed to assess AI threat.

Researchers Feng Liu, Yong Shi, and Ying Liu write:

Although artificial intelligence is currently one of the most interesting areas in scientific research, the potential threats posed by emerging AI systems remain a source of persistent controversy. To address the issue of AI threat, this study proposes a standard intelligence model that unifies AI and human characteristics in terms of four aspects of knowledge, i.e., input, output, mastery, and creation. Using this model, we observe three challenges, namely, expanding of the von Neumann architecture; testing and ranking the intelligence quotient of naturally and artificially intelligent systems, including humans, Google, Bing, Baidu, and Siri; and finally, the dividing of artificially intelligent systems into seven grades from robots to Google Brain. Based on this, we conclude that AlphaGo belongs to the third grade.

The absolute IQ values they got the the AI were:

• Google 47.28
• duer 37.2
• Baidu 32.92
• Sogou 32.25
• Bing 31.98
• Xiaobing 24.48
• SIRI 23.94

Intelligence Quotient and Intelligence Grade of Artificial Intelligence (via CNBC)