Pet donkey lost for five years found living among the wild elk

Five years ago, Terrie Drewry's pet donkey Diesel ran off during a hike near his home in Sacramento, California.

"He's not aggressive, he's a lover," Drewry said at the time.

Diesel's whereabouts have been unknown until recently when a bow-and-arrow hunter named Max Fennell captured video below of a strange sight near where Diesel disappeared: a herd a dozen elk with.. a burro in their midst.

"I can't get over seeing it and I'm amazed that the donkey looks happy and healthy!" he wrote on his Instagram post.

Apparently the Burro looked up at Fennell before trotting off with the herd following along. According to CNN, "In addition to clearing land, pulling wagons and providing general cuteness, donkeys can protect livestock on farms. The pack animals fiercely defend their flocks by braying, kicking wildly and charging, teeth bared, at potential predators."

Drewery isn't 100% certain the burro in the video is Diesel. But even if it is, she said she wouldn't attempt to catch him as he seems quite happy out in the wild.

"[The donkey and the elk] learned to get along and be each other's family," Drewry said.