A Church of the SubGenius documentary is in the works

Folks, there's going to be a documentary about that crazy cult/religion known as the Church of the SubGenius.

But only if you send J.R. "Bob" Dobbs boat loads of cash!

Now more than ever we feel that the story of the Church of the SubGenius needs to be told. There's a core of ideas within the SubGenius ethos – of fighting oppression with humor, community and creativity, of using absurdity as a nonviolent weapon, giving time, permission and priority to expression, creation, and zaniness with friends – that we think has great value we believe these ideas are necessary in today's world and that our film about the SubGenius is the perfect way to invoke them.

Amongst all the spaceships, frop, pipes, eye-bludgeoning graphics, bulldada, yeti ancestors, (and yes, 'macho spoutings'), we hope you will fund this film so you can join our merry band of pranksters on the culture-jam of the century! It's going to be a lot of fun!!!

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