If you've ever been on a bus, you know the value of noise-canceling headphones

The Paww WaveSound 3's keep your music from getting lost in loud environments through elite noise-cancelation, and they're currently available in the Boing Boing Store.

These headphones are designed to create an ideal listening experience, whether you’re enjoying music at your desk or trying to enjoy a quiet podcast on a noisy flight. Their CSR chipset employs several onboard microphones to filter out background activity as loud as 20dB, and their comfortable ear cups are large enough to provide a passive sound seal.

Featuring the latest Bluetooth spec, the WaveSound 3's provide low-latency audio, as well as a standard headphone cable for non-wireless devices. They’re built to take a beating — an all-metal enclosure protects the audio drivers, and each pair comes with a compact carrying case.

For a full-sized headphone that you can take anywhere, take a look at the Paww WaveSound 3. You can get them in the Boing Boing Store for $79.99.