Don't paint a room without consulting the Nix Mini Color Sensor

Grabbing color samples from a screen is easy enough — all you need is a screenshot and digital color meter. But colors out in the world don't always translate perfectly in photos. That's why we are now offering the Nix Mini Color Sensor in the Boing Boing Store.

The Nix is a handheld spheroid that contains an optical scanner and a white LED with a high color rendering index. When you want to save a color, you just set it on top of the desired area and it sends it to your phone or tablet in common digital formats like RGB, CMYK, and LAB. Nix can also recognize hues from most major paint brands — making it a valuable tool for interior designers as well as graphics pros.

This color meter is small enough to keep in your pocket, so you can always take accurate readings when you see something inspiring.