Cartoonist makes webcomic about losing his home in the Calistoga fire

Tragically, cartoonist Brian Fies and his wife Karen lost their home in the recent Calistoga Fire. Brian shares their heartbreaking tale in his webcomic A Fire Story.

He writes:

My house burned down. I made a comic about it.

That seems to be how I handle trauma. It's kind of a feature and a bug.

This is quick, loose work…

I'd be pleased if you'd consider this as a journalistic dispatch from the front.


My family, pets and I are all fine–a lot better off than many others. There's not a person in the county who hasn't been touched by this disaster. Karen and I know at least a hundred people burned out of their homes, including a lot of cops, firefighters, and government staff who've been working hard for others all week.

See the entire webcomic here.