Golemecha: imposing sculpture of a reimagined mythical monster

Golemecha is a seven-foot tall lighted sculpture made from "plastic, welded metal rods, wire mesh, plaster wrap, 3D printed parts, glue, spray paint, borax, branches, roots, tree kits, LED kits, preserved moss, preserved bonsaI, copper plating, and patina kits."

Created by Garret Kane, who describes the project as a mix of Jewish and Japanese mythology:

In Judaic folk lore a Golem is a protector made from mud and sticks. From Japanese culture a Mech is typically a protector made from advanced robotics. Combining the two we arrive at a modern day protector of everything, constructed not only of nature but technology as well. The physics equations beneath the mud show a glimpse in time, a pause in its construction in which you can view the underlying code that creates both it and all things.

Garret Kane (via Colossal)