"American Nazi" profiled

Luke O'Brien writes about The Making of an American Nazi, Andrew Anglin. Founder of The Daily Stormer, Anglin is a white supremacist whose trolling morphed into abuse, threats and harassment as Trump's political fortunes (and his own bitcoin donations) rose.

Now facing court action,

His panic was almost palpable as he tried to walk back the fearsome reputation he'd cultivated. "I am not actually a 'Neo‑Nazi White Supremacist,' nor do I know what that is," he wrote in mid-September. He claimed that his violent rhetoric was never sincere but simply a way to mock those who slap a Nazi label on anyone who "stands up for white people's rights" or "refuses to believe the stupid lies about Hitler" or rejects the "alleged Holocaust" narrative. Anglin now shared what he said had been his true editorial approach all along: "Ironic Nazism disguised as real Nazism disguised as ironic Nazism." Five days later, he posted about "the world being ruled either by reptiles from another dimension or some other type of reptilian or insectoid race of aliens."

I hope whoever's representing him already has the bitcoin, because the guy surely won't be able to keep this up for long.