Pick up these 8 acclaimed Mac apps for Black Friday pricing

Macs are pretty usable out of the box without any extra software. But the bundled stock apps don't cover every use case, and don't always provide the most configurable experience. To give your desktop some helpful new powers, we've collected some of our favorite apps in the Black Friday Mac Bundle. It's available in the Boing Boing Store now for $39, and you can save additional 15% off with coupon code GIFTSHOP15.

Here's what's included:

PDF Expert 2.2 for Mac

Making changes to a PDF typically requires that you have access to the original source file, as well as the software that generated it. PDF Expert eliminates needless dance by letting you edit text, swap out images, and update links inside the PDF itself. It's also optimized to read large files, and provides a host of helpful annotation tools.

Roxio Toast 16 Titanium

Aside from offering a dead-simple solution for DVD burning, Roxio Toast 16 lets you easily create password-protected USB sticks, as well as capture media from multiple simultaneous sources like mobile devices, desktop screens, and external microphones. And once you've captured something, you can even edit and convert to different file types within the same environment. 

Default Folder X 5

Sometimes the macOS open and save dialogs can seem to have a mind of their own — defaulting to illogical locations on your drive can quickly throw a wrench in your productivity. Default Folder X 5 modifies these system windows to give you a handful pre-selected places to save your stuff, no matter what app you're using. 

WALTR 2 for Mac

Apple's AirDrop usually works great between iOS devices, but moving things from your Mac desktop to your mobile device usually means digging through the less-friendly parts of iTunes. To perform file transfers in a much more sensible way, check out WALTR 2. It handles all the metadata and conversion necessary for music files, ebooks, and ringtones, and even works with older iPods.

Flux 7

If you just need to throw together a quick website for a portfolio or side business, spending countless hours learning web development is definitely overkill. With Flux 7, you can design pages in a fully WYSIWYG environment. And if you already know basic HTML/CSS, it lets you modify the generated source code directly to provide as much customization as you want.

Stylizer 7

Stylizer 7 is another beginner-friendly website editor, but this one is has a greater focus on CSS. You just enter any valid URL to get powerful GUI controls for every style property on the page. To ensure that your edits work everywhere, you can view pages in three different browser engines at the same time.

Art Text 3

There's no need to hire a professional designer if all you need is a simple word mark. Art Text 3 provides a huge selection of ready-to-use templates for logos, flyers, and other promotional materials. You can mix and match hundreds of textures, typefaces, and icons to create unique assets in no time.


When your Mac starts to run slow, it can be tough to determine the culprit. MacReviver helps you reclaim space on your disk, as well as optimize your system for faster startups and increased battery life. In the event that your computer is stolen, MacReviver also tracks its location and takes photos of the thief.