Watch this 120-year old mechanical organ play a song

Martin Molin traveled to Speelklok Museum in Utrecht for a demonstration of the Gavioli Dance Organ, part of his wonderful series on old-timey mechanical instruments.

What's cool is how the sheet music is on an accordion-folded hard card that looks almost exactly like a timeline in ProTools etc. Says Martin:

In todays Episode we are looking at the MASSIVE 120 year old Gavioli Dance Organ. Its something like 5 meters high and 9 meter wide and the craziest thing is: they used to tour with this instrument!!! Its kind of reassuring i think. If they could tour with this bombastic contraption over 100 years ago, we should be able to do not just a world tour but probably multiplanetary or even multiuniversary (or a word like that) tour with the Marble Machine X. Should be easy. Best! Martin & Co.

Wintergatan created Marble Machine, one of the most amazing modern mechanical instruments, in case you missed it:

Gavioli Dance Organ – 5 meters high 8 meters wide (YouTube / Wintergatan)