Sanders, vindicated: Senior Democrats say the GOP's tax-plan has started a class war, and they're going to fight back on those terms

As the Republicans plow ahead with their plan to transfer trillions of dollars from the poorest Americans to the richest, to the expense of children's health, teachers, grad students, cities, people in populous states, etc, the Democratic party establishment is finally receptive to the idea that America is in the grips of class war, and have openly declared their willingness to fight back in that war.

McClatchy DC quotes numerous Democratic operators vowing to use class war rhetoric to defeat Republicans in upcoming races. The most tangible expression of this will is a Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee TV/online ad, which "shows voters receiving news that their taxes had gone up because of the GOP's tax bill, blaming the increases on the desire of Republicans to cut big companies a break."

It's a welcome change and long-past due. The politics of triangulation, with its need to offer sops to the donor class, have been catastrophic for the Democrats and for anyone in America who isn't a billionaire. Bill Clinton was right about one thing "It's the economy, stupid" — and the economy is rigged.

Rather than having to choose which issue to highlight during the 2018 campaigns, they argue taxes and health care make the same big-picture point: Republicans no longer defend the working class, whether by taking away health care benefits that primarily help poorer voters or by funneling tax cuts predominantly to the rich.

"If this is class warfare, Republicans have declared war on the middle class," said Jesse Ferguson, a Democratic strategist. "This entire year has been a war on the middle class, from health care to taxes."

Dems warn GOP: We're prepared for class war [Alex Roarty/McClatchy DC]

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