CrossOver 17 lets you run Windows on your Mac or Linux system

Boot Camp is an excellent way for fans of Mac hardware to run Windows for work, games, or legacy software, but rebooting to switch operating systems is a hassle if you're just looking to launch one or two apps. Fortunately, CrossOver 17 lets you install and run Windows software inside MacOS. Right now, this indispensable emulation layer can be had for $19 when you order it from the Boing Boing Store.

CrossOver 17 removes the need for a full OS installation or virtual machine, and it treats Windows apps like anything else on your Mac. Everything runs at native speeds, and you can even launch programs from the dock. And because you never need to leave the confines of MacOS, you don't have to worry about malware from questionable app downloads.

Grab a copy of CrossOver 17 here for $19.