This UFO chicken coop is everything

I have a new favorite thing and it's this amazing UFO chicken coop. Its creators, the folks at Backyard Chickens, write:

When we expanded our flock this Summer, we knew a larger coop would be necessary. As an artistic couple, I knew it couldn't be just any coop….. and as UFO nerds, we had the perfect plan!

Brainstorming the UFO spaceship design was a very quick process as there were so few "up-cycle" options that would get us a classic UFO shape. We quickly determined that the satellite dish would be a stellar foundation. We located two 10 foot dishes on our local Craigslist page and jumped straight into this project. We knew it would need to be completed in time for a harsh Idaho winter.

In the words of Veruca Salt, "I want it now!"

(Geekologie, Techanbob)