Owner of new chickens comically stunned when they all freeze at once (video)

"Have you ever seen a glitch n the matrix?" joked a TikToker named Brianna Antoinette who happened to be filming her new chickens when they all simultaneously froze in mid-strut for no apparent reason.

"What the fu–, why are they all not moving?" Antoinette says, freaking out as she pans the camera. "What is happening right now?" She then frantically keeps calling out to them, but since they still don't have names, she comically addresses them as if they are one unit. "Chickens? Chickens?! Chickie chickies?! Why are you not moving!? Hello!! … Oh? I cannot make this up…" This amusing scene goes on for more than two minutes straight.

But when another person enters the picture off camera, the spell is mysteriously broken and the chickens resume their activities as if nothing had ever (not) happened. (See video below.)


What in the world happened to the chickens🤯😵‍💫🫨 #viral #fyp

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Front page thumbnail image: Linda Dufurrena / shutterstock.com