Nebraska State Senator proposes constitutional amendment to allow corporations to create tiny, sovereign nations with no laws, taxes or rules

Nebraska State Senator Paul Schumacher [R-22] [(402) 471-2715] has proposed an amendment to the state constitution that would create 36-square-mile regions in the state where corporations would enjoy up to 99 years of sovereignty, with "no city or state taxes and no local or state regulations."

These states-within-a-state would be confined to sparsely populated regions with fewer than 10 people per square mile.

We're used to Republicans who've mistaken Nineteen Eighty-Four as a manual for statecraft, but Senator Schumacher is the first I've heard of who thinks Snow Crash is a blueprint for the future.

"We're talking about Nebraska's future," he said.

"To build out here, you do not have to tear down something. And property is the ultimate economic tool."

This presents an opportunity, he said, to essentially "have your own state."

And, Schumacher said, "nobody else has done it."

Senator proposes sovereignty as a way to economic development | Nebraska Legislature [Don Walton/Journal Star]

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