Watch artists turn a toxic abandoned mining facility into a powerful environmental message

Political art collective INDECLINE (previously) create provocative works. Their latest repurposes a gold ore processing facility on the Mojave National Preserve that was closed in 1994 and declared a Superfund site.

In addition to carving the metal structures into ominous symbols of the death and destruction caused by the gold mining industry, they were able to line up some eco-frienly options for the spray paint they used. Via Ironlak:

Located 20 miles from Nipton, California on the eastern edge of the Ivanpah Valley, rest the toxic remains of “GolDome”, an abandoned, 40-acre, gold-processing mill. Owned and operated by the Vanderbilt Corporation into the 1980’s, the facility was active until 1994, when the implementation of the California Desert Protection Act suspended mining activity and transformed the East Mojave Scenic Area to into the newly protected Mojave National Preserve. In 2002, the EPA listed GolDome as a “Superfund Site”.